Jerry Only: The Misfits

It's "Thunderous Thursday" and Halloween, how could I not feature Jerry Only of the Misfits! Let's face it, the Misfits are probably more known as a iconic brand more so than as a actual kick-ass band. Which is a damned shame, because the Misfits wrote some of the catchiest and solid songs of early American Punk Rock and Hardcore! During their heyday, they pretty much wrote the book for "Horror Punk" and eventually burned the pages and moved on.

There are two Misfits albums that always make it to my Halloween playlist, the classic "Walk Among Us" and their shift to a more hardcore/brutal sound, "Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood" Although "Walk Among Us" was the first full length album issued by the band, it was the third they recorded. The sound of this record is pure rock and roll, 50-60's style vocal melodies over a raw punk rock instrumentation. All smothered with horror and sci-fi inspired lyrics and the make-up and "devil-lock" hairstyle (originated by Jerry O!), sort of made them the punk rock equivalent to KISS! The Misfits were not out to change the world, but to entertain the audience.


By the time the band recorded "Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood", lead vocalist, Glen Danzig had already expressed his desire to move on with another project, which would eventually turn out to become Samhain. "Earth A.D. showcased a faster and fiercer sounding Misfits. It took more of a hardcore stance, with a touch of metal, than the early rock and roll sound of previous records. From pretty much the beginning, there were only two constants in the Misfits camp, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. This was Danzig's last recording with the band.

Over the years and to this day the day, the Misfits have continued to put on their show and put out albums. These days, Jerry Only not only wields one scary bass but also serves up the lead vocals.

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