Paz Lenchantin: A Perfect Circle, Zwan and now, The Pixies

A thunderous Happy Birthday wish to Paz Lenchantin! The mult-talented (bass, vocal, piano, violin and other stringed instruments), celebrates a life enriched with music. Her skills first caught my ear and eye as the original bassist for A Perfect Circle. Upon first hearing the APC song "Judith", I was wondering why Maynard Keenan took on a side project that sounded so much like his main gig, TOOL's earlier material, but after hearing the rest of the album "Mer der Noms", I realized it had a character of it's own. But back to the first single, "Judith", it was the video for this song that made me give them more attention. Okay, not trying to come off as sexist, but you can't help but notice, it 's a woman pounding the thick bass riff on the song, it's what she does during the break in the song when she's not playing, during a very brief break, she whips her hair up, and ties it in a small bun atop her head, then comes back in with full-on rock fury!! One of the coolest "rock moves" I've ever seen!!

After much touring and recording with APC , she went on to join Billy Corgan's post (first break up) Smashing Pumpkins project, Zwan. This was a hefty position, anchoring the bottom end, with bombastic drummer, Jimmy Chamberlain (also Smashing Pumpkins alumnist), and adding supporting vocals and finding a place amongst 3 guitars! She really shined in this band, with her breathy vocals and incredibly tasteful and melodic basslines, that somehow cut through the triple guitar assault and defined many of the songs on the band's only album "Mary, Star of the Sea". I really dig this record, and felt it was overshadowed by Corgan's past with Smashing Pumpkins and never really had a chance of stepping into the light of it's own, which it truly deserved.

And just announced a few days ago, Paz has been hired on as the touring bassist for the Pixies upcoming tour! Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this. I always felt the Pixies were a band that could not suffer the loss of any member, and let's face it, Kim Deal played a big part of their sound with her supporting vocals. But listening to "Mary, Star of the Morning" and paying attention to Lenchantin's vocal approach.....I may have to check them out with this line up! So once again, Happy Birthday and Cheers!!


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