Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Super Bowl XLVII

Faking the Thunder? Seriously, I think not. Sweet Petunia, I don't know why I still get surprised by the way some of the most insignificant things get blown to global proportions in our Age of Information. But all this hullabaloo about Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, miming or faking their performance during the Super Bowl halftime show, well, by gawdangit, it just makes my mind wobble. You were sitting at home, a friends place or a bar or wherever, watching the game and you felt somewhat slighted by the halftime performance... produced to pacify and entertain you. My thought or suggestion to all the folks whining, complaining or just observing and making a lot of noise, like a baby, those who felt cheated or time the RHCP are performing anywhere near you, purchase a ticket, attend the show and if you have the same feelings afterwards, than cry out to the high heavens in protest. In aftermath of experiencing the RHCP live and you were disappointed,  I suggest you lubricate your butt-hole or take a muscle relaxer (if prescribed ), because your ass is much too tight to let the punk/funk in! Cheers, suckas! (THUD) ----that's sound of me slamming my mouse down in staged rage and frustration.

And just in case you haven't seen it anywhere else, here is Flea's explanation:

"The Red Hot Chili Peppers stance on any sort of miming has been that we will absolutely not do it. The last time we did it (or tried to) was in the late 80's, we were thrown off of 'The Top Of the Pops' television program in the U.K. during rehearsals because we refused to mime properly, I played bass with my shoe, John played guitar atop Anthony's shoulders, and we basically had a wrestling match onstage, making a mockery of the idea that it was a real live performance.

"We mimed on one or two weird MTV shows before that and it always was a drag. We take our music playing seriously, it is a sacred thing for us, and anyone who has ever seen us in concert (like the night before the Super Bowl at the Barclays Center), knows that we play from our heart, we improvise spontaneously, take musical risks, and sweat blood at every show. We have been on the road for 31 years doing it.

"So, when this Super Bowl gig concept came up, there was a lot of confusion amongst us as whether or not we should do it, but we eventually decided, it was a surreal-like, once in a life time crazy thing to do and we would just have fun and do it. We had given this a lot of thought before agreeing to do it, and besides many a long conversation amongst ourselves, I spoke with many musician friends for whom I have the utmost respect, and they all said they would do it if asked, that it was a wild trippy thing to do, what the hell. Plus, we the RHCP all love football too and that played a big part in our decision. We decided that, with Anthony singing live, that we could still bring the spirit and freedom of what we do into the performance, and of course we played every note in the recording specially for the gig. I met and spoke with Bruno, who was a beautiful dude, a real talented musician, and we worked out something that seemed like it would be fun." Flea pointed out that the band did indeed record an original track for the event.

Alliance cetera