Hammer of the Gods

Tidewater Regional Fire Academy #142

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy, Will Sprague, asked if I could do a t-shirt design for his class, Tidewater Regional Fire Academy#142. I was more than happy to help a brother out. On Friday, October 25, Will and his classmates graduated from the Academy and joined the ranks of Norfolk Fire Rescue as professional firefighters. Congratulations, Will!!

I had the pleasure of rockin' alongside Mr. Sprague in the former rock and roll juggernaut, known as Crimson Electric!



Paul Simonon-The Clash: The Bass of Brixton

The Clash, "The Only Band that Matters" that was actually a phrase that the CBS record label used for the band. But it fit, this was the band who while dealing with the "sell out" label, truly gave a shit about their fans and how they were perceived by the audience. They approach the business of rock and roll from a fan's point of view. Because no matter of the level of success they achieved, they always viewed themselves as fans more so than a product to be marketed. A band whose artistry and creative output was so fruitful, that they would record multi- disc record albums and insist that they be priced as a single record. A punk band in the truest since, their sound (and image) was only limited by their own imaginations. And this punk rock juggernaut was propelled by Paul Simonon, with his below the hip, slung bass guitar!!

Simonon grew up in the Brixton district of South London. An community mostly made up of African-Caribbean immigrants, to be straight forward, he was a white kid in a black neighborhood. He was surrounded by the music of West Indian culture, predominantly, reggae and ska. And although he loved music, his plan was to be a artist and he even attended the Byam School of Art before fate took over and placed him in the role as bass player in a punk rock band.


Iconic Bass Guitars

Bootsy Collins and his Space Bass (LOOONG OVERDUE TT feature)

Once again, I'm taking a easy route on my Thunderous Thursday post. I got so many I want to do, but it's been hard to find the time. Anyway, here are few bass giants and there iconic instruments.

Gene "the Demon" Simmons of KISS and his axe bass


Rickenbacker 4001/4003

Yes, it is classy to display a motorbike with a bass propped against it. They both produce thunder.

It's no secret, I am a fan and lifelong ( my life as a semi-professional musician, of sorts) user of the Thunderbird bass guitar But if any instrument comes anything close to second of being on a fave list, it would be the Rickenbacker 4001. Like the T-bird, it features a neck through body construction and a unique body style that is easily identifiable by sight. But most importantly, it has a distinct sound that sets it apart from the herd of other bass instruments.

For twenty years, 1961 -1981, the 4001 was the"deluxe model" of the 4000 bass series. Sporting the crest wave designed body shape and neck-through construction, twin truss rods, triangle inlays and 2 pickups, each having separate volume and tone knobs plus a pickup selector switch. The 4003 replaced the 4001, the main difference being the truss rod system and neck inlays. Most everything else remained the same as with the previous incarnation. 


Thunderous Thursday: Unlocking The Truth

Maybe it's a bit of a novelty, but I can't help but dig on this, 6th grade black kids, playing metal! They regularly gig on the streets of Manhattan and have recently appeared on FX Network Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. At the ripe old age 12, guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse and drummer Jared Dawkins, have been playing together now for 7 years, and they have recently added bassist, Alec Atkins to the fold. And the best part, they play original music! Love 'em or hate 'em, thanks to the magical internets, these young cats have achieved more notoriety, playing their own music, on the own terms, than most musicians ever will in a lifetime!



50th Anniversary Thunderbird & Firebird

As the fierce four-string partner to the Firebird guitar line introduced in 1963, the Thunderbird bass has long been a stylish alternative—both onstage and in the studio—for adventurous bassists, Now Gibson USA celebrates the Golden Anniversary of this raging tone monster with a stunning tribute to the breed: the 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass.-GIBSON USA

Light-years ahead of its time when it first hit the scene in 1963, the Firebird has long been the choice of adventurous guitarists eager to break the mold for style and tone. This radical “Reverse-Bodied” electric guitar was conceived amid the chrome and tailfins of the Motor City by noted Duesenberg car designer Ray Dietrich, forged on the workbenches of Kalamazoo, and proven on rock and blues stages all over the world, earning its undeniable “classic” status… even after it had been deleted from the Gibson line-up in 1965 for proving just too hot for a conservative guitar scene to handle. -GIBSON USA


Teenage Punk Rock/New Wave Fantasy

I saw this photo and it took me back to the glorious days of my misspent youth. Remembering the times reading  Creem, Trouser Press, Thrasher and later on Maximum Rock n Roll magazine/fanzines. Daydreaming about all these rock bands I had never seen but only started to listen to and also daydreaming and fantasizing about two women who often graced the pages of the mags. I was a adolescent male into rock music, I couldn't help but be enamored by  Joan Jett and Debbie Harry in all their attitude fueled, rock n' roll glory!




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