Ten Days Ago

Got back at it and re-attached the swing arm. Thank you Clayton for guiding me through this formerly unknown territory. Also, fluids began to be added back into her veins, engine oil and new filter, transmission oil and refilled the forks after I did a bit of jiggery-pokery on the front end. Unfortunately, the fill plug on the drive shaft is stripped and this wasn't discovered until after the shaft had been drained of it's lubricants. So need to figure out what to do about that.

Furthermore, went ahead and switched out the contact breaker plate and what not. Seeing how the /5 was encrusted with sand (there is a story behind that, but it's not mine to tell). Wanted to replace the condenser as well, but the dern screw was stripped. Maybe I'll have the patience to get it out in a day or two.

The airbox and top engine cover were refitted along with some of the engine electrics.

Started on adjusting the valve clearances and found that the exhaust rocker arm on the left cylinder had been stripped as well ( stripped or stripping was the theme for the evening----boom chukka brown cow ). But that's the beauty of having 2 nearly identical engines laying about-----interchangeable parts!! So off the /6 and onto the /5. Rock n' Roll all night long!!!






...et cetera