Summer's End

Summer has come to a close and the Baroness is still not road worthy. After feeling like things were so close to an end, I continue to learn that marrying the /5 engine into the /6 chassis is more than just a simple swapping of a motor. After having no signs of life after hooking the battery up. I dragged my defeated body and mind home, figuratively scratching my head the entire trip.


The next couple of evenings, I spent quite a bit time surfing the innernets, reading electric schematics and diagrams, plus seeking advice from the inmates on the ADV rider forums, which proved most helpful. My first problem, the starter relay. I had hooked up the /5 relay when in fact, I needed to use the relay from the /6. No problem, that relay is less than a year old and I know that it works! Hook up the /6 relay and still no juice, damn. I started tracing and re-tracing my wiring and double checking the schematics and not until I decided to start at the battery and trace every single connection, did I find that a crucial cable coming off the starter motor to the diode board was missing. Part of how I noticed this was comparing the charging system of the /5 with that of the /6, I happened to see an open terminal on the /5 diode board that was connected on the /6. When I removed the top engine cover, I could clearly see there was no power getting to the charging system, leaving the circuit incomplete.


While comparing the two charging systems, I also noticed the alternators had a slightly different wiring connection sequence. So again, I learn of another difference in the two motors. No big deal, again, I know the charging system from the /6 works, so I decide to swap out the components. This is where things went south, somehow I cracked the brush housing on the /6 alternator. So I figure I would just use the brush housing from the /5, but the stator was fused the alternator cover and I could not access the screw to remove the housing unit. Again, I take that ride home in shame.

The next day, I start shopping around online for a bush housing, brand new, they were going for $60 - $70!! So I give ebay a try, even there I could only find new ones for roughly the same price. But I did find a complete used alternator and stator from a 1975 R75/6, for $50! The downside, although it was only being shipped from Asheville, NC, it was a holiday weekend, and I knew I was going to be waiting for a few days before I had it in my hands. Anyway, I have it now, so as long as the gremlins stay away, this weekend, I plan on hearing some rumble from the belly of the Baroness!

I put the tank back on to see how it fit together with the seat. I had cut the seat pan without having the bike to actually mark how it sat on the frame and against the tank. I just went by how I knew it looked as I viewed downward on it. Thankfully, it fits beautifully!!

About 40 years of BMW egineering represented here, with Dylan's GS 800 in the background.

Bikes tucked in for the night. Heather's Honda CBR in the foreground and Clay's Suzuki V-Strom in the back.

The Baroness about a year ago. Labor Day weekend, Bull City Rumble-Durham, NC.


Alliance cetera