The Baroness Awakens

Well, I am happy to say that on Friday night, after many months of laying in a dormant state, the Baroness awakened! After getting the newly acquired alternator installed, I was taunted by a haunting "click" and no varoom! Damn, so used to something catastrophic happening, my first thought is that starter motor is no good. So I immediately remove the starter motor from the /6 and start to remove the same from the /5 to replace with said unit from /6, you got that?


Luckily, at this point, Clay walked into the garage as I'm about to pull the starter motor from the /5. He asks what I'm doing, I tell him, and he asks if i checked the battery. No, I hadn't, but I put it on the charger 2 days prior, but it sat 1 day off. As well as sitting for all the time the Baroness has been down. So we check the starter motors with the installed battery, neither one moves. Checked it with a spare battery, that happen to be about, and POW, movement in both motors! So leaving the starter motor in place and changing the battery, I go again to turn the key and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM!!!! The ol' girl growled like a panther!!!


Alliance cetera