The Baroness Returns - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

So yes, the rumors are true. The Baroness is once again leaving a oil laden trail across the streets of Hampton Roads! She still has a few issues that need to be addressed, but I've missed every single ride or moto-related event this year, that I was interested in. Due to not having my own personal bike in a operating condition, or otherwise, so I decided I was going on a ride! Damn the smoke and oil, the Baroness and I were going to leave a nasty mark on the asphalt of Norfolk / Virginia Beach! And what not better a scenario to do this, than to participate on the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

Must admit, got aboard the local DGR ride very late in the game. I wanted to do it. but was unsure if I would have a vehicle prepared to step up on to the game. Initially, I was thinking about catching the  D.C. ride, but after checking the homepage of DGR, I saw where a local ride had been planned! So yes, I signed up and invited a couple of folks to do so as well, and was pleased that a few actually responded and participated! To get this out of the way, Charles and Kelley, a fleece hoodie is NOT DAPPER nor DISTINGUISHED! But, you rode. And Kelley, you disappeared like a speck on the horizon as we approached First Landing State Park, shine on you crazy diamond!

Have to be honest ,I didn't get any photos of the actual ride, I was riding...and actually somehow manage to splinter from the main group, but reunited with them and had to break off once again to replenish my, fossil fuel burning, two wheeled companion. But here is a small sampling of our moto-Sunday. Cheers!



In Charle's defense of completing disregarding the "ride dapper" memo, he may not have had donned the tweed, but he rocked it out on a seriously, classy loaner. His dad's, Honda CB 450, simply beautiful.

Rory's tasty KZ  and Dave's Triumph. Dave rocks it with 60 Cycle, and has some very entertaining stories about Thailand.

Kelley's Ton Master.

Yes, the Baroness was sweating so much horsepower, it manifested as oil on my boots!





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