Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Virginia Beach 2013

Had such a blast taking part of the Virginia Beach leg of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride on last Sunday ( Sept. 29th) . Even in the wake of having to break off from the main group and stopping to replenish my oil, I eventually met up with them at Keagen's Irish Pub ( can't vouch for the Irish Pub tag, but the "Monte Cristo Sandwich", could possibly make your heart explode!!!) But after stopping for a pint or two, it offered a few moments to actually talk with and meet some really distinguished, awesome and caring people, who also share a love of riding vintage and any type of motorbikes.

Big "THANK YOU" to Rory Byrd for hosting this little shindig. Dude, that KZ rocks! And also, big "THANK YOU" to Rory's friend, who's name I never caught, for taking these photos.






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