Viva Knievel!-Strato Cycle

VIVA KNIEVEL! - The  1977 motion picture, starring, as himself, Evel Knievel. Here we have the Strato Cycle which is seen in the opening scene of the film. Evel rides into a orphanage with a bag of goodies for the kids. What sort of goodies, well, Evel Knievel action figures of course! One kid throws aside his crutches and declares if the messianic Evel can walk away from his crashes, that he, the boy, can walk without crutches! Pure cinematic magic!

The bike itself is custom Harley Davidson Sportster, 2 Strato Cycles were built for the movie, along with 6 other less "extreme" bikes for the Hollywood production. Sharing the marquee with "E.K." were such luminaries as, Leslie Nielsen, Gene Kelly, Dabney Coleman, Red Buttons and Lauren Hutton. Performing many of the "more dangerous" stunts, was stuntman Gary Charles Davis, yes the King of all stuntmen, had a stunt double.


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