A Brief Break ...& More Snow

Had a very welcome break in the cold temperatures over the weekend, it was tough resisting the urge to take the loaner out and just ride. But truth be told, I miss riding MY bike. So to task, I went. Since I had replaced the cylinder, I most certainly had to adjust the valve clearance. And since the bike has been sitting for a bit, I went ahead and cleaned the carbs. Also changed the oil and filter, which was in a sad state. Anyway, it was time to see what she had to say after being immobile once again.

As I expected, it took quite a bit of 'tricity to get her awake again, but with the help of a jump starter, got that cold engine to turn over, and once again she roared to life!!!! Dang, I love that sound. I did some quick tweaking on the carbs and had her sounding somewhat presentable, so I took her out to terrorize the neighborhood with a few laps around the 'burbs. Even got around to attending to some of the rust, although I found myself without any scotch brite pads, but I got a good start with sand paper and a wire wheel. We're getting there...

Gnarly, dude.





...et cetera