Motoped! 21st Century Moped..and it's RAD!

Mopeds by definition are motorized pedal bicycles, but over the years, the term has been used to describe a wider scope of smaller displacement engine equipped 2 and even some 3 wheeled vehicles. The Motoped is taking it back to the roots by offering a kit to motorize bicycles using downhill mountain bike parts mounted to custom swing arm powered by a Honda XR50 engine (or Chinese clone equivalent).

Having pedals and a engine displacement less than 50cc's, allows the Motoped to be ridden on the street without license or registration. While it only tops off at speeds of 30mph, it's enough to easily commute about in urban areas while using bike lanes avoiding the hassle of automobile traffic lane congestion. And you could easily have a blast at 30mph on a motorcycle trail or fire road with something this light and versatile. I think these folks have come up with a little bad-ass piece of kit here!





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