I have quite of few random pics on my phone from various stages of repair and despair and eventual triumph of the Baroness, from few months back. Things is, I gotten so far out the swing of posting anything on this site, due to a heavy work load and also because the Baroness has been running like royalty and I've been riding like there's no tomorrow. The biggest and most important upgrade has been the addition a brand new and properly working charging systems!!!!

The two previous photos were before that charging system was installed. This was the day after a very uncomfortable ride home from the VA Beach Oceanfront. Not only did I have to bump start the bike twice, it started raining and I got a tire puncture! The last couple of miles I rode home with no lights and a flat front tyre.



The following day was a Sunday, and the only place open to possibly purchase a inner tube was Cycle Gear. Rode the bicycle up there to get one, only to realize once I got home, it was the wrong stem size and would fit the wheel. Eventually had to order one, but since the bike was curbed, I decided to do something about the rusting exhaust.

Followed the instructions step by step, applied primer, ample drying time between coats on 90º plus weather and even used the three stage curing process on running engine. This all proved futile, seeing how the paint started flaking off just a few days after application. I think I'm just going to wrap those puppies again.




...et cetera