Victoria: My First Motorbike

This was my first motorbike, a 1998 Yamaha V-Star 650. I won it through an ebay auction in which I funded my purchase from selling some of my old punk and hardcore vinyl records...on ebay.

There was only 4501 miles on the bike when I received it. The previous owner laid it down and was done with it. The only visible damage was the right hand side floorboard had broken off. Fine with me, because I preferred the look of pegs over boards anyhow. This was the first of many customizations and acts of me personalizing this vehicle.

But the bulk of that did not take place until I really got to know this machine. I basically just commuted to and fro work on it initially. But after riding for a couple of months, a very dear friend of mine was getting married and the ceremony was to be held in Hinton, WV.

Like I said, I had only been commuting on it to this point, and this in local traffic. I hadn't even been on the interstate yet! Now I had a 700 mile weekend journey in front of me. So I packed up my bike and hit the road. Oh my dear God, I had no idea of how much I would love riding until I made that trip. This is also when my bike "told"me her name. Victoria.

My bike, I now truly felt ownership. I learned to work on her, "wrenching", again I didn't realize how much I would enjoy this, until I actually did it. This led to me chopping, cutting, grinding, stripping, rewiring and anything else I could do to truly make Victoria "my" bike.

She is now resting in my driveway, under a tarp. She needs some serious work done on the low end of the engine, maybe a new engine altogether, not sure. I currently have another bike( more on that later), that is monopolizing my resources. But I shall return to her, and eventually she will transverse the roadways again!

(My friend, Erica, dressed as Pris from "Blade Runner" posing on Victoria for Halloween )

Alliance cetera