Loki: Custom Chang Jiang 750

Bandit #1: Custom Chang Jiang 750


Loki: Asgardian God of Mischief

Loki: Brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hiddelston in the summer blockbuster, "The Avengers" and 2011's "Thor"

Finally got around to seeing "The Avengers" over the weekend. Wow! What a treat. Have to admit, I do not read comics nearly as much I used too. Honestly, I no longer follow any titles monthly. My preferred manner to read them, is when a story arc has concluded, and I can read it in the collected "graphic novel" format.

I'm not going to attempt to review the movie or give any sort of brief synopsis. I will though, recommend it to any comic book/super hero fan or any fan of sci-fi, really. And if that doesn't include you, than any fan of a good action flick!

I will admit that one of my favorite scenes, is when the Hulk "confronts" Loki! Nice, very nice.

Oh yeah, the motorbike. This bike, named, Loki, built by Bandit 9 out of Beijing, China was making quite a splash on the innerwebs last winter. For good reason..it's damn classy!

So if you missed it then, here it is again. And check out the Bandit 9 website for more info on this "sculpture", plus the "Magnus" bike and the nearly completed "Nero" build.

Bandit 9




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