Corvette Museum Artwork

Couple of weeks ago, I was assigned the task at work, to come up with some designs for a potential new client, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. About a week into the project, I see a news headline reporting on a huge sinkhole that "swallowed" eight classic cars at the museum, my boss was out of town, but I emailed him about it and but told me to go ahead and complete the designs. Anyway, just thought I'd share some of what I came up with.

All artwork is © Ocean Creek Apparel was done on "the man's" time, therefore it's all his.


Moon Eyes - Yokohama 2013 by Good Sleep Blog

All of these images are taken from the Good Sleep Blog. I just think it's so friggin' cool that so many different types of bikes are captured entering the Moon Eyes Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom show. Just as interesting as the bikes are the individual styles of the riders on these fantastic machines. Go over to the Good Sleep site to see page after page of some really inspiring motobikes.

Really, it may seem like I have posted a lot of pics from this blog, but there are a ton more where I got these from!


Garage Project Brat Style CB350

This one is from a couple of years ago, and it arose from down under, Perth, Australia. Rex Havoc and his friend Brad, working under the name, Garage Project Motorcycles, took a $1600 ebay find and unashamedly set forth to build a Brat Style motorbike on a tight budget. I love this motorbike for it's stripped down simplicity and built for speed stance.

Quite the interesting mirror location, on this one.


Let The Wrenching Begin....Again!

So I've had a replacement cylinder and piston for the Baroness for more than 2 months now, but with the onslaught of frigid temperatures and record snowfall, plus the fact that I moved, well it sort of halted any work I had planned for the grand ol' girl. But now that I've somewhat settled in, got myself a little corner in the garage to work in and decent weather, I commenced to wrenching on the bike again. Felt good, real good.

As you can see, the rust hasn't taken a break. Take care of the mechanics first, than I shall beautify her as well. Lordy, I miss riding this machine!


Viva Knievel!-Strato Cycle

VIVA KNIEVEL! - The  1977 motion picture, starring, as himself, Evel Knievel. Here we have the Strato Cycle which is seen in the opening scene of the film. Evel rides into a orphanage with a bag of goodies for the kids. What sort of goodies, well, Evel Knievel action figures of course! One kid throws aside his crutches and declares if the messianic Evel can walk away from his crashes, that he, the boy, can walk without crutches! Pure cinematic magic!

The bike itself is custom Harley Davidson Sportster, 2 Strato Cycles were built for the movie, along with 6 other less "extreme" bikes for the Hollywood production. Sharing the marquee with "E.K." were such luminaries as, Leslie Nielsen, Gene Kelly, Dabney Coleman, Red Buttons and Lauren Hutton. Performing many of the "more dangerous" stunts, was stuntman Gary Charles Davis, yes the King of all stuntmen, had a stunt double.


Shiny Object of Distraction & Desire

I've only seen a few pics of this bike floating about, with no accompanying info. But just it's pure shininess and total bad ass radness, was enough to distract from all the things that have been keeping me from posting anything for the past wee bit.

These are from theMotor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy. I culled them from the most excellent site, Cafe Racer Culture. drool.......


Batman Circa 1950 and Other Oddities by B Works

Saw these cool bits floating about on tumblr, B Works, Bassman's Custom Workshop of Alternative Vehicles. From what I could gather, someone having a good ol' time with Photoshop and pics of classic motobikes, motocars, aeroplanes and other interesting objects.

Batman and Robin circa 1925


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