One Greedy Street Tracker

By way of Osaka, Japan, comes this very sleek Yamaha SR400. The fine folks at Greed Motorcycle took a domestic base model and transformed it into race tracker that is equally equipped for everyday street riding.

Go, Street Tracker, Go!


Colin Darling's 1982 Virago XV920

Honestly, when I first glanced upon the pics of this bike, I thought it was a build from Richmond, VA's Classifed Moto. Turns out that this sleek Virago XV920 is the first bike build by a Starbuck's barista / mechanical engineering student named Colin Darling.

Whether this was a first build or his twentieth, I feel that Mr. Darling has knocked it out of the park with this moto bike. You can find more details on the ultra-rad Bike Shed site. Also, the bike is for sale, for more info, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rust & Chrome: Yamaha XJ600

Having the distinction of being the first inline-4 with a 600cc displacement, the Yamaha XJ600 (marketed in the U.S. as the FJ600) was only in production from 1984 to 1991 and is not a bike you see being customized that often. But thanks to couple of buddies and their combined efforts and creativity, this unassuming bike has taken on a new life.

Leo and Salvatore, working from their garage Ruggine & Cromo (Rust & Chrome), have given us insight on a great platform to build upon. Not too many of these bikes were made, but this is a great example of what can be done with a bit of imagination and a few tools. Very cool bike!



ilovedust is a multi-platform design studio based in East London. Their creative endeavors include, but are not limited to, illustration, graphic design and animation. To celebrate 10 years doing business, they teamed up with Boneshaker Choppers to produce the kick ass Harley hard tail Sportster.

All of the awesomw paintwork was handle by MEGAMUNDEN, who also happens to be Lead Designer at ilovedust.



Ol' Saint Nikolaos is full-on rockin' it with the coolest Kawasaki KLR 650 I've ever laid eyes upon, rather that be first hand, interwebbings or print. 7 Seven Customs out of the Pokljuka region of Slovenia spread a bit of holiday cheer with this festive photo shoot featuring their latest build.

Let's face it, flying reindeer are pretty cool, but to bring it down to Earth, this KLR is pure radness!



The best looking Triumph Thruxton ...... Ever! There is not one single thing about this bike that I do not absolutely love. A beautiful marriage of form and function. Many kudos to the folks over at Benjie's Cafe Racer.

I probably should be wearing a bib right now...because I'm drooling over this motorbike. To get all the details, check out the Benjie's Cafe Racer blog.



I've wanted a full-face for a while now, but I had been looking for something "old school". A few months ago, I drove past a yard sale and saw an old Bell Moto III helmet for sale, I was in a rush, but decided to stop and if I could a least get the helmet over my noggin, I would buy it. It did, so I bought it, with only a quick scan over.  I later gave the helmet a closer look, the liner was in pretty good condition, the visor was missing, but the previous owner told me he had it, just had to dig it out, if I wanted to come back and get it. Anyway, I tried the helmet on again, and realized it was much to0 big, even my oblong melon. Cut to the chase, Biltwell Inc. introduced the Gringo Full Face Helmet earlier this year and it was exactly what I was looking for, a no frills, retro-styled, full face helmet, with DOT approval.

When the helmet arrived via a purchase from Lowbrow Customs, the first thing that popped into my head as I removed it from the box was, blank canvas. And before I even wore the helmet while riding, I decided to to personalize it with a custom paint job. I had been wanting to try gold leafing or using gold leaf as a decorative application, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow and I had recently completed some design work for a team of navy divers and had been researching dive helmets AND also recently watched the Walt Disney adaptation of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


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