Here's a rockin' number from Vienna, VA based, Motorhangar. Like the majority of their custom projects, it's based on a Honda. This one in particular, a 1976 CB750, with a bit Kawasaki thrown in, courtesy of the KZ tail piece on the seat.

Pretty raw and bare knuckled, a simple but sharp and attractive, no frills motobike. The closest thing to some "bling" is the amber back-lit, Lucite points cover.


Italian Combo

Quite the tasty bit of kit served up here, a Moto Guzzi NTX 750 engine paired with a Ducati 125 Regolarita gas tank, together it makes up a rather delicious moto scrambler. Love the way the exhaust is tucked in the side and exits from the rear. Would love to hear what this bike sounds like!

What I like most about this bike, is how it just screams to be ridden! I imagine that this scooter is load of fun to kick on and off the road! A fantastic build from B.R. Moto out of the San Lazzaro province of Bolgna, Italy.


Harley Davidson Street 750 & 500

A couple of weeks ago, Harley Davidson revealed their 2014 Street urban cruisers. This machine, being the first all-new model offered in 13 years, will be available this spring in 500 & 750cc configurations. Bikes for the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be assembled in Kansas City, while the rest of the world, the manufacturing will tke place in India, to avoid high export tariffs.

Personally, I think this a rather bold and brilliant move on HD's part. To come out with a bike that is aimed at a younger, more likely, first time rider market. The smaller displacement bikes still have plenty of great stlying points, but are cleaner and relatively stripped down motorbikes in comparison to many of the larger Hogs HD has been known for in recent years.


BSA Adverts

Just a few classic BSA Motorcycles print ads from days long gone by. Nothing beats a "Beeza"!

What I really like about these first 2 adverts, is that are clearly come from a time when hand drawn illustrations were used extensively in visual communication.


The Shiny Racer-'74 Honda CB350

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, the craftsmen from Studio Motors serve up a very tidy and spartan build based on a 1974 Honda CB350. The subtle details and sublime customization really give this bike a sleek, elegant stance, built for speed.

Go, Shiny Racer, Go!


The Baroness-Camera Test

Got a new phone and decided to check out the camera function on it. So I went for short ride a took a few pics of the Baroness along the Elizabeth River and other various other locations.

In the above pic,I was able to achieve a shallow depth of field with a bit of jiggery-pokery in Photoshop. Also, when viewing these photos, it was then, that I noticed I had lost my left side engine badge. I back tracked a bit and found it in a warehouse parking lot.


Cylinder Hone & Piston Rings

For the past few weeks, since I've had the Baroness back on the road, I've been spewing  smoke and burnt oil, all over the streets of Tidewater, VA. The cause, worn piston rings, and yes I know, I should have checked them BEFORE I put the engine back together, but I didn't. So I had to remove the left cylinder.

I've gotten pretty quick at doing this, but my neighbors kids kept coming over to "watch" me, and that just turned into me being distracted by those darn kids meddling about my tools and such. So I took a break, until they had to go inside for dinner. Well this left me working in the dark, but luckily I have decent lighting off my back porch. Job completed, and no more smoke trails.


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