Jason's Honda CB 400F-For Sale

My buddy Jason is ready to move on to something else, so here is your chance to snag up a great deal on nice bike! Here are the details from his Craigslist posting--1975 Honda CB 400F - $1,900. Runs well and I have the title. I've owned the bike for about 3 years. Included are the original owner's manual and a Clymer repair manual. I also have the stock lollipop lights, chain guard, and probably some other misc bits.


Here are some of the things I've done to the bike:

  • Battery
  • Tires (about a year old now)
  • Regulator/rectifier
  • Head cover gasket
  • Fork seals
  • Indicator lights
  • Tank lining
  • Front brake pads
  • Carb clean and Sync
  • Chain



The White, The Black, The Kestrel

Ian Barry of Falcon Motorcycles, along with Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering and the gentlemen of Valtoron Foundry, are inspiring. Well, to call them bike builders is truly a disservice. The approach that is taken in this level of craftsmanship is pure art. Barry's work was showcased in an exhibit at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles.

The following is from the press release for the exhibition: The Michael Kohn Gallery is pleased to present ‘The White, The Black, The Kestrel’, an exhibition of original motorcycles and other new work by Ian Barry. The White emerges from Barry’s continued exploration of symbolism, power and speed, using motorcycles as the translating mechanism. The Kestrel and The Black, two of Barry’s earlier works from The Falcon Series will be displayed along side new pieces.


BMW NINE T: Burn Rubber, Not Your Soul

I've not been shy about expressing my admiration and attraction to the BMW boxer engine motorbike design, and I've been eagerly awaiting to see this one make it's debut. In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of BMW Motorrad, they have introduced a naked boxer roadster to their production line up. And personally, I think they knocked it out of the park, a modern machine, with honest homage to the classics boxer and a mechanical platform just itching to be customized!

It's quite clear that higher-ups at BMW have been keeping an eye on the motorcycle customizing scene. This was evident in their collaboration with Roland Sands on the the Concept 90 project and in following that theme, they now are offering a vessel to the public, not only to cruise upon, but to be shaped and formed in the hands and or minds of the owner. Oh, BMW Nine T, I covet thee!


Moto Guzzi 850 T3 "Brutzak" by Motokouture

Motokouture Bespoke Motorcycles are based out of Belgium and the following text is taken from their website:

"This is out latest breed....based on a Guzzi T3 California: enjoy our interpretation of a steampunk-trashcan-no nonsense bike. 'Brutzak' is our local dialect for 'Neglect'. The bike seems Neglected by his neglictif owner but really isn't technically. If Jules Verne were a biker, this would be his machine.

One of the many reasons this bike appeals to me even moreso than the fact that it looks bad-ass, it looks like it is ridden!


Rust Never Sleeps

If you live in the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area, you already know it has rained, whether it was a full on thunderstorm or a annoying mist, for the last 7 days straight. It's taken it's tool on the "Baroness", but it's nothing a little elbow grease, scotch brite pads, Boeshield T-90 and few minutes can't remedy.


Although, it does add to the aged looked....


Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Virginia Beach 2013

Had such a blast taking part of the Virginia Beach leg of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride on last Sunday ( Sept. 29th) . Even in the wake of having to break off from the main group and stopping to replenish my oil, I eventually met up with them at Keagen's Irish Pub ( can't vouch for the Irish Pub tag, but the "Monte Cristo Sandwich", could possibly make your heart explode!!!) But after stopping for a pint or two, it offered a few moments to actually talk with and meet some really distinguished, awesome and caring people, who also share a love of riding vintage and any type of motorbikes.

Big "THANK YOU" to Rory Byrd for hosting this little shindig. Dude, that KZ rocks! And also, big "THANK YOU" to Rory's friend, who's name I never caught, for taking these photos.


The Baroness Returns - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

So yes, the rumors are true. The Baroness is once again leaving a oil laden trail across the streets of Hampton Roads! She still has a few issues that need to be addressed, but I've missed every single ride or moto-related event this year, that I was interested in. Due to not having my own personal bike in a operating condition, or otherwise, so I decided I was going on a ride! Damn the smoke and oil, the Baroness and I were going to leave a nasty mark on the asphalt of Norfolk / Virginia Beach! And what not better a scenario to do this, than to participate on the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

Must admit, got aboard the local DGR ride very late in the game. I wanted to do it. but was unsure if I would have a vehicle prepared to step up on to the game. Initially, I was thinking about catching the  D.C. ride, but after checking the homepage of DGR, I saw where a local ride had been planned! So yes, I signed up and invited a couple of folks to do so as well, and was pleased that a few actually responded and participated! To get this out of the way, Charles and Kelley, a fleece hoodie is NOT DAPPER nor DISTINGUISHED! But, you rode. And Kelley, you disappeared like a speck on the horizon as we approached First Landing State Park, shine on you crazy diamond!


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