Mega Mile----Mega Fun!!!

This past Saturday marked the inaugural run of AMA Pro Flat Track Virginia Mega Mile at Colonial Downs! And what a beautiful day for motobike racing, the weather was pleasant and the crowd was eager for some flat track action. Although our owns plans to ride up there were squashed, it didn't dampen the spirits to enjoy this event. Honestly, I think anyone in attendance with a pulse couldn't help but have a good time.

From the beginning of the first race, until well after the last, which included an open paddock, allowing fans to see the bikes and riders up close. It was a fantastic day of moto-goodness! If they continue with the running of this event, I highly encourage that you check it out, good times!


Go Fast, Turn Left! AMA Dirt Track Racing

Tomorrow, Saturday August 24th, Colonial Downs in New Kent County, VA will be hosting AMA Pro Flat Track racing. This will be the inaugural running of the "Virginia Mega Mile", flat track motorcycle racing on Colonial Downs 11/4 mile oval race track. These races will be fully sanctioned AMA Pro Grand NationalChampionship and AMA Pro J&P Cycles Pro Singles class heats.

The track at Colonial Downs will be the largest on the circuit this year, and with the longer straight ways, speeds up to 130 and 140 mph are being forecast for these races. The venue is making a regular hootenanny out of this event, as they should. Gates open at 9am Saturday with vendor tents and concessions on hand, in addition, live music will be offered on a track side concert stage. There is even a race "After-Party" scheduled, with more live music and prize drawings. I'm definitely headed west tomorrow, looking forward to a hot diggity time!


Recent Work for Velocity

Just finished up a couple of projects for Velocity Motorcycles. Designed and applied vinyl graphic for a battery cover that's going on a Royal Enfield Bullet project they have at the shop.

Also did a new t-shirt design for the shop. Apparently, they can't keep these things on the shelf. After having the shirts for one only week, they were calling me up to re-order. I completed the second batch and shipped them. They arrived yesterday and later on in the evening, I receive a message that they are out of XX-Large. So don't delay, get yours today!


Cyclops Motorcycles: Plate Armour BSA A7

First off, this is not X-Men related, but I did come across it while searching for a pic of the "X-Men" character, Cyclops',  motorcycle. This in fact, is a gorgeously crafted BSA A7 by Kyoto, Japan based Cyclops Motorcycles. From the Google translation, I believe the bike is befittingly named, Plate Armour.

This is one of those bike that has that sublime beauty. It's all the small bits, placed about and it's bare bones approach to motorcycle machinery, that sets it apart. It's a gracious balance of necessity and style. Now excuse me, I need to get a napkin to wipe the drool from my beard.


Slight Setback But Pressing Onward!

Well, just when I thought I was ready to reassemble all of my assorted bits, what appears on the workbench? The pushrod for the transmission! This is certainly needed  to make things operated properly. So A bit more tear down. But this time, to gain access to the tranny, I'm not going my usual route of moving the engine forward, this time I'm going to remove the swingarm. This was the first time I have removed the swingarm from the frame. It wasn't as bad I imagined, but the replacing part is a bit tricky. Just have to take your time to center the swingarm and have your preload adjusted properly.

The plus side is, now that I've removed the swingarm, I won't be such a pussy about doing it again. Also, my buddy Sean, was there to give me some valuable pointers on setting up my clutch and assuring the pushrod was aligned correctly with clutch plates. Thank you again, sir. So now, onward to reassembly and the marriage of the /5 and /6 bits!


Falcon Motorcycles: The White

"The White", the latest gem to be forged by artist, sculptor, engineer and bike customizer, Ian Barry of Falcon Motorcycles. Based on 1967 Velocette Thruxton, this is third bike in a series of ten. The "Ten" project by Barry is taking ten classic motorbike engines and building custom cycles around these powerplants in the time span of ten years.

On these machines, with the exception of engine, carburetors, transmission and tyres, the parts are original crafted pieces by Barry himself. He often makes his own special tools and machines to achieve much of his one- off creations. The overall attention to detail and ground up approach adds to the stunning and breathtaking results of his work.


Baby Maintenance

After adjusting the clutch cable repeatedly over time, I eventually ascertained that the cable was worn out, but not at a cost. After over tightening the adjuster nut, I accidentally broke the clutch perch. Things is, once this happens, the entire left hand control unit has to be replaced. So now Baby is sporting not only a brand new clutch cable but a new left hand control unit. For the record, internal handlebar wiring is a bitch to install!

Also, the throttle cables which had just became progressively worse over time. Have been renewed as well. The controls are operating incredibly smooth. All of this and more, is in preparation of returning Baby to her mother. The Baroness is almost don, and I want to return this bike in a condition that it has been in for quite a while.


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