Upholstered Seat & Such

Picked up my seat from the most, truly awesome upholsterer in the 757, Felix Auto Interiors. And once again (this is my third seat I've taken to him),  I'm in awe of his work. I just give this man a pencil sketch of what I'm looking for and he always takes it one step further, just blowing my expectations out of the water! God bless the barter system, because without it, my poor ass wouldn't get anything "cool" done. Thank you once again, Felix and Carmine, I'm blessed to know you and work with you both. As always, a pleasure.

Most of the work done over the past few days has been mainly cosmetic. I did replace the blown out bushings on the rear shocks and tidied up some of the wiring that has bugged me ever since I acquired this bike.

Both front and rear drum brakes were cleaned and treated to a fresh film of moly-grease to the cams and pivots. And most of the noticeable scratches and rust spots on the frame were hit with a shot of Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Black.


Happy Independence Day!


Dogma Dragger: 1981 Yamaha Virago 1100

Over the past the year or so, there have been a number of custom builds based on the Yamaha Virago. And quite a few have been real stunners, but in my opinion, this is the burliest and most bad ass of all that i have seen. Not saying the best, just the most burliest and bad ass.

This bike was spotted on the most excellent "Inazuma Cafe Racer" and I could not help but re-post it. Really digging on the low stance and the way the seat sinks into the bike. Just drops the rider into the midst of the machine. And the fat rear tire really works on this bike. Great flowing lines all along.


Clutch Swap  & Carb Rebuild + Fork Rebuild & Swap

I relinquished the carburetor duties to Clay. He tended to the pair of Bings and administered an ultrasonic bath and rebuild. The set from the /6 were used.

After procuring an impact driver, I was able to remove the clutch from the /5 engine housing, and replace it with the barely 2 year old clutch from the /6.


Seat Bench Modification

Original seat and the original with seat cover removed to expose the funky, crusty foam underneath.

Foam removed from seat pan. The pan is in pretty good shape, and the notoriously fragile hinges were intact. The rust, is just surface rust and I later hit it with a wire wheel and painted it with protective enamel.


The Mystery Suzuki GSX 550

For the love of a stark raving mad, Rumpelstiltskin, I can not remember where I found the pics of this bike. From what I can recall, it is a Suzuki GSX 550. Bare boned and stripped down to the least of necessities to make it go!

I obviously saved these pics because I found this bike to be interesting, but I look at it now and there a couple of things that seem a bit odd or unusual. I'm trying to figure out what's going on as far as rear suspension, there is something happening at the joining of the frame and swing arm, but what I don't know. And secondly, please address the air pressure on the rear tyre Mr. or Ms. bike owner. But besides that, yeah I think it's hot!


Remembering Big Sid

Sometime on this past Saturday evening, Sid Biberman, better known as "Big Sid" took a final pass on this realm and sped towards his quest for speed and performance into what awaits him in his afterlife. Honestly, at the time I'm pecking away at my laptop, I do not know the exacts dates or times of his birth or death, it's not that important. What I do know, is that it took over two decades for my thoughts and feelings about this man to manifest to a state that when I saw a internet side note of his passing, I felt a loss. Although, a number of my friends have heard this story before, this is my first time sharing it on some sort of public platform. It's my attempt at showing respect and giving credit to a very unique and gifted individual.

So, please forgive me, I can't remember the exact year or whatever, I can only recall my place, and moments in my life. I'm in my little punk rock band and I take leave of my job to go on a cross country tour. Tour ends, get back home and I find out the company I worked for, has folded. In need of  some sort of income, picked up a "casual job", doing set up for outdoor festivals. Actually, turned out to be fun for short time, descent pay for a hard days work, but only seasonal. Shortly thereafter, I'm contacted by former employers about a different job, different company. Right, so bringing it back to Sid.


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