Motoped! 21st Century Moped..and it's RAD!

Mopeds by definition are motorized pedal bicycles, but over the years, the term has been used to describe a wider scope of smaller displacement engine equipped 2 and even some 3 wheeled vehicles. The Motoped is taking it back to the roots by offering a kit to motorize bicycles using downhill mountain bike parts mounted to custom swing arm powered by a Honda XR50 engine (or Chinese clone equivalent).

Having pedals and a engine displacement less than 50cc's, allows the Motoped to be ridden on the street without license or registration. While it only tops off at speeds of 30mph, it's enough to easily commute about in urban areas while using bike lanes avoiding the hassle of automobile traffic lane congestion. And you could easily have a blast at 30mph on a motorcycle trail or fire road with something this light and versatile. I think these folks have come up with a little bad-ass piece of kit here!



Lucky 13-Honda CB450

1972 Honda CB450. Shed built cafe racer by Joe Archambault.

Lucky 13


Frank Bott Motorcycle Photography

Frank Bott is a photographer. His subject of choice is motorcycles. He doesn't discriminate on make or style, as long as it looks good. Want to see more pics of motorcycles that look good? Visit Frank's webpage.

Straight forward, no frills, no fancy backgrounds. Just focusing on the bike.


Motorbike! Go Fast!

If you live  in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater region (or any part of most of the USA), you know this has been a harsh winter. The Baroness had been down for a couple of months, and from experience, I know she doesn't like cold weather. Luckily, I have been, oh so very grateful, for this loaner provided by my buddy, Johnny, to get me through the winter. Her name is "Samantha" and she is a 2006 Yamaha R6. To be frank, it's not a bike I would have ever picked on my own, but he offered to let me ride it, and I needed something to ride. I have to be honest and say, I have often questioned why some sport bike riders have a tendency to ride the way the do. I now know why, these bikes are made to go fast!

To ride this bike, required a big adjustment in the way I was accustomed to operating a motorbike. Throttle, I used to actually twisting the throttle, not simply apply a slight motion, to open things up. The same with clutch and brake lever, where I would usually apply a pressure, a firm squeeze, this cycle needed only a light touch to engage said levers. The geometry and balance is a different world, I swear sometimes when leaning into a curve, I feel the bike will slip out underneath me. And the engine displacement, is unassuming at 650cc, but the thing is, this bike weighs next to nothing and is stupid quick! Confession time, after to becoming somewhat familiar with this bike, there has been a time or two, where I could not help myself from exploring the smooth and quick acceleration of this machine, it can be a lot of fun as well as scary as hell. But like I said, I'm grateful and thankful to have her at my disposal. And I certainly appreciate how she starts up right away, no matter how cold it is. But I'm now counting down the days, when The Baroness (if you squint, you can see her in the background in the pic above) is once again rolling along freely, on the pot-holed laden streets of Tidewater!


AN-BU Monster-Yamaha XS650

Here we have another beefy Yamaha XS-650 offering from the folks at AN-BU Custom Motors located in Aichi, Japan. Since I did a bit on The Damned bass players yesterday, I thought it only fitting to show a bike that pays a bit of tribute to the aforementioned band.

On the seat/tail cowl section are the lyrics from the chorus of "Love Song" by The Damned, but with a bit of twist, the title lyric '"Love Song"' has been replaced with "Monster" It goes like: "Just for you, Here's a Monster, Just for you, Here's a Monster, And it makes me glad to say, It's been a lovely day, And it's okay".


Norton 1007cc Streetfighter

This is the prototype Seeley Norton 1007cc Street Fighter, built by NYC Norton. A highly tuned Norton Commando engine is housed in 1968 Seeley MK2 replica chassis. It is set up with lighting and charging, but can quickly be converted for Unlimited Class track racing.

The company set out to build the most feared machine in the big city streets, with careful use of throttle as a necessity! Soon to be headed to production, the bikes will be built to order for road or race.


A Brief Break ...& More Snow

Had a very welcome break in the cold temperatures over the weekend, it was tough resisting the urge to take the loaner out and just ride. But truth be told, I miss riding MY bike. So to task, I went. Since I had replaced the cylinder, I most certainly had to adjust the valve clearance. And since the bike has been sitting for a bit, I went ahead and cleaned the carbs. Also changed the oil and filter, which was in a sad state. Anyway, it was time to see what she had to say after being immobile once again.

As I expected, it took quite a bit of 'tricity to get her awake again, but with the help of a jump starter, got that cold engine to turn over, and once again she roared to life!!!! Dang, I love that sound. I did some quick tweaking on the carbs and had her sounding somewhat presentable, so I took her out to terrorize the neighborhood with a few laps around the 'burbs. Even got around to attending to some of the rust, although I found myself without any scotch brite pads, but I got a good start with sand paper and a wire wheel. We're getting there...


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