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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a airplane whose primary threat avoidance was speed. If the threat of a interceptor, be fighter plane or surface-t- air-missile was detected, the Blackbird would  simply accelerate and outrun any such would be encounter. The SR-71 has held the world record for fastest air-breathing manned aircraft, since 1976. That speed was 2193.2mph! Yes, we do have a bad ass up in here!

The first SR-71 flight took place on December 22, 1964 and reached a top speed of Mach 3.4 during testing. It entered service in the Air Force in January of 1966. It was retired from active duty in 1989. A brief reactivation occurred in 1993 and lasted until 1997. The last flight of a Blackbird was in 1999.


Crafty R2-D2 Helmet

I don't really remember how I came across this, but it is a least 3 years old. A Philadelphia based artist named, Jenn crafted herself a clever R2-D2 helmet to wear while commuting about the City of Brotherly Love on her scooter.

Here is a bit info on the artist in her own words: "I'm Jenn, Philadelphia pastry artist and scientific illustrator. You might see me driving around Philly on my scooter wearing either my homemade R2D2 or Angry Birds helmet. I'm a professional pastry artist and manager at Whipped Bakeshop, fine artist, and a professional scientific illustrator for Walters and Kissinger.  I went to school for printmaking at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and for art and geology at the University of Pennsylvania".


Wolverine and Motorcyles

With the latest Marvel Entertainment installment of Wolverine/X-Men movies ( if you don't know better to stick around through the credits in these flicks by now, you are a damn fool, nuff said). Wolverine/Logan once again does a bit of screen time on a motorbike. But it's brief, very brief. One is a distant aerial shot and the other is a quick pull up and stop scene in the snow. The bike is a Ducati Diavel Cromo, you actually get a better look at the bike when Wolverine's "bodygaurd" Yukio rides up on one, sans helmet, gloves or a jacket, in the snow. Must be a mutant thing.

Where "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" had the over the top but extremely entertaining scene of Wolverine taking out a helicopter on a Harley Davidson FLH, it's full-on bad ass! But the rest of the movie is pretty lame. In "The Wolverine" you have a good story that's dragged out in all the wrong places, the Jean Grey dream sequences were just too much. Overall, it was still better than the first one, but still fell short of it's cinematic potential.


Pacific Rim & the Sons of Anarchy Connection

Pleasantly refreshing and wonderfully entertaining is a simple way to sum up Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. It's a modern epic tale of good vs. evil. There are no gray areas, heroes and villains are clearly defined. The combatants are colossal gods and demons walking amongst the realm of Earth bound human kind.

Not only visually spectacular, it is damn good storytelling with pretty straight forward dialogue. It's definitely an action packed giant robot battle giant monster movie, but there is enough human to human interaction to bring the right amount of emotion to this mecha filled flick. It was also a plus to see Charlie Hunnman and  Ron Perlman together on the big screen ( actually, they don't ever appear in the movie together), both actors are featured in the FX television biker drama, Sons of Anarchy.


Ender's Game: Propaganda Posters

Saw these cool recruitment/propaganda posters on the I. F.(International Fleet) Sentinel / Ender's Game movie site. Very Cool!

Also had spotted some character posters a couple of weeks ago, but i do believe these were early concepts and not finals. Because most places i had seen them before had them removed. I think they are eye-catching.


Steampunk: Visions Of Future Past

Over this past weekend, the Hampton History Museum hosted "Steampunk: Visions of Future Past", in conjunction with the Blackbeard Festival. The exhibit showcased the works of artist and craftspeople, including but not limited too, weapons, jewelery, clocks, vehicles and other odd bits. On display as well, was a steampunk-themed "Dalek". This machine sported the autograph of Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor from the long running BBC television series, "Doctor Who".



Star Trek: Into Darkness

Even as I peck away at the keyboard, I'm uncertain of the direction I want to take this in. First off, I will state that I found Star Trek Into Darkness to be an highly entertaining movie. It was a fast paced, action filled, cinematic escape. But, I'm struggling with the geeky Trek dude I've been the greater part of my life, as well a person who has a wee bit of understanding of natural science and physics, that could expend a considerable amount of time and space picking apart this movie with little regard to that fact of it was only a movie and that I found enjoyment in viewing it.

It's hard, not being that guy who points out the inconsistency and ignoring of applied science that occur in the opening scenes of the movie and the usual dance around the Prime Directive, that make for good Kirk/Spock interplay and dialogue. Okay, right....stop it. I really liked the movie...I really liked seeing Mickey (who I refuse to call an idiot) on the big screen in the Star Trek Universe, although not the most glamorous of roles, we are tempted to feel for him and his pain. Fuck's sake! Let me just remove myself from the fact that I'm old school, I have been and always shall be a fan of The Original Series (yes, cap titles like it's the Bible). And while I'm going off the rail, left and right, God bless the hater, J. J. Abrams, self admitting, not a Star Trek fan. I initially found this disheartening, but have come to embrace it. It's how he is able to take such liberties with such so many hold as dear and sacred. But I challenge those who do, to let go....."if you really love something. set it free" or something like that, take it for what it is, a revisionism, a new beginning. The names may be the same, but these are new characters developing in 120 minutes or so, not over a weekly format. Big difference, the movies from any aspect, will never carry the emotional attachment of character development you build for characters like a weekly dose could. Ok, right..done for now...can you guess what I'm going to type next?  AARRGGGHHH..... KKHHHHAAAAANNNN!!!! It was that or "Live Long and Prosper".


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