Fringe & Peter's Sweet Triumph Jacket

It took her a bit of time, but eventually my dear friend, Jennie Z. convinced me to watch the TV series Fringe on Netflix. Not sure what took me so long, she always said "you liked X-Files, well than this is right up your alley." Now I'm hooked, the show is centered around an FBI task force called the Fringe Division that investigates cases involving fringe science. This show has all my faves, parallel universes, time travel, shapeshifters, psionic abilities, alternate timelines, zeppelins and more! And I've only gotten up through Season 2! One thing I couldn't help but notice in the first 2 seasons, how one of the main characters, Peter Bishop a consultant to the FBI, is always rocking a sweet Triumph Moto Jacket. Quite stylishly at that!

Interesting enough, last night I was a watching a couple of episodes and a few things caught my attention. In back to back episodes, "The Man From the Other Side"  and "Brown Betty" ( Season 2, Episodes 19 & 20 ), feature 2 of my all time favorite rock bass lines and legendary bassist. Opening scene of "The Man..." has two young people sitting in a car (smoking weed) listening to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. A scene in "Brown Betty" depicts Dr. Walter Bishop in his lab (smoking weed), listening to "Roundabout" by Yes. So there you have Geddy Lee and Chris Squire getting props on an awesome sci-fi program. Another thing was an oddly placed motorcycle and rider on top of a container in the background for but a moment, in another scene from "The Man From the Other Side".


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