Crafty R2-D2 Helmet

I don't really remember how I came across this, but it is a least 3 years old. A Philadelphia based artist named, Jenn crafted herself a clever R2-D2 helmet to wear while commuting about the City of Brotherly Love on her scooter.

Here is a bit info on the artist in her own words: "I'm Jenn, Philadelphia pastry artist and scientific illustrator. You might see me driving around Philly on my scooter wearing either my homemade R2D2 or Angry Birds helmet. I'm a professional pastry artist and manager at Whipped Bakeshop, fine artist, and a professional scientific illustrator for Walters and Kissinger.  I went to school for printmaking at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and for art and geology at the University of Pennsylvania".



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