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Klingons on Motorcycles: Ride On to Sto-Vo-Kor!

If Klingons were stranded on 21st century Earth, I would imagine that motorcycles would be their choice for transportation, Klingon starship crews have likened to motorcycle gangs. But with a lack of Blood Wine on Terra Firma, they would probably be big malt liquor drinkers as well, "Iwllj jachjaj." (May your blood scream.) Translated Klingon*

"QuvlljDaq yIH tu'be'lu'jaj." (May your coordinates be free of tribbles.) Translated Klingon*



National Aeronautics And Space Administration-NASA

Some things don't need to be explained, so why go on and try to write about how amazing the work and accomplishments of NASA are. Just wanted to share some 20th century space-age cool.


Art Versus Cancer

Raid 71 - The 5th Beatle

Last month, I had posted some motorbike inspired art from Raid 71 (aka Chris Thornley), what I neglected to mention in that post is the wonderful charity driven, annual art exhibition and sale that Raid 71 curates. The 2012 theme was "Live Long and Prosper" and featured over 35 artist. With the theme, there were a number of Star Trek related pieces included in the showing.

Carly Strickland - New Life

This next bit was taken from the Art V Cancer site:

Art V Cancer is run by Chris Thornley (aka Raid71) & Julia Hall.

A couple of years ago our life, and our family's lives were turned completely upside down when Chris was diagnosed with a very rare incurable non hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 37.

The first thing we thought of is death, cancer = death. But having lived for these years with cancer the first thing we can say is cancer doesn't mean the inevitable; We soon discovered that there are over 200 different types of cancer and that most cancers are treatable, manageable and in some cases curable. More and more people can survive cancer but there is still a long way to go.

By buying a poster from Art V Cancer, we promise to donate a large proportion of our profits which equates to at least £10/$15 per print to Cancer Charities (only a small amount will be used to cover costs of running/developing Art V Cancer).

Please visit the Art V Cancer for even more info.


Doctor Who & Motorbikes

I remember as a wee lad, watching Doctor Who on PBS, the first Doctor I was introduced to was the Fourth Doctor portrayed by Tom Baker. Eventually I met a few of the earlier incarnations on some of "60's serials that were later aired on PBS. For the longest time, the Tom Baker version was "my Doctor". Not until many years later, when BBC America began airing the revival of the Doctor Who series, did I regain interest in the adventures of the Time Lord from Gallifrey. Although my viewing habits were a bit scattered, I started watching sometime during Series 3 and then only would watch the show randomly through Series 5. I have now started watching all episodes from Series 1 in chronological order. And enjoying it more than ever!

While guesting on my good friends Jennie Z. and Ben's excellent Doctor Who podcast, "Playing Doctor", Ben had mentioned of one instance of the Doctor riding a motorbike. So I decided to do a bit on the Doctor (and or companions) and motorbikes, which I think is the most appropriate form of transportation (although Bessie was pretty cool) besides a TARDIS, for a Time Lord. Also, I'm only mentioning circumstances that I could find a photo to accompany the article.


Lily Munster, Countess of Shroudshire

Born in 1827, Lily is the daughter of Sam "Grandpa" Dracula and his 166th wife. She lived with Grandpa in Transylvania until she met and married Herman Munster in 1865. The three of them moved to America sometime before the 1940's. She would eventually adopt her sister's daughter, Marilyn. Later on she gave birth to Eddie, she and Herman's only child.

Lily was portrayed by the lovely, Yvonne De Carlo on the CBS television sitcom, The Munsters. The series ran for 70 episodes between 1964-1966. Her character also appeared in three made for television, Munsters movies. Her second most notable role was probably that of Sephora, Moses (Charleton Heston) wife, in the classic Cecil B. DeMille epic, The Ten Commandments.



Starship Enterprise

USS Enterpise NCC 1701

There have been no less than 13 Starships to bear the name Enterprise throughout Star Trek canon. My all time favorite would have to the Enterprise NCC 1701, and it's most notable commander, Captain James T. Kirk,  from Star Trek: The Original Series. I used to draw this space craft everywhere as a kid. I guess it always be my favorite, because it was the original and the template for which all others to come, followed. Below are few more of my fave Enterprises.


USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D (Alternate Future)

Galaxy II Class: Appearing only in "All Good Things..." the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is shown in a alternate future where it had not crashed during the events that occurred in Star Trek: Generations. It is under the command of Admiral William T. Riker. This version has a third nacelle and is fitted with a Spinal Phaser Lance and large phaser cannons on the saucer section.


This Side Of Paradise: TOS 1x24

One of my all time favorite scenes in the entire Star Trek Universe is when Capt. Kirk hurls a barrage of insults and even a "yo mamma" snap at Mr. Spock in an attempt to get an intense emotional reaction, to anger him. While on mission to Omicron Ceti III, the entire crew is infected by alien spores that has left all in a state of euphoria, living in a "perfect paradise". Mr Spock even falls in love with an old friend, Leila Kolomi who has loved Spock for years, but until now that love has been unrequited. Right as Kirk is about to abandon the Enterprise and join the rest of the crew on the planet to live a life of care free happiness, he becomes angry at the thought of leaving his beloved starship and realizes that intense anger counteract 's the effect of the spores. He lures Spock back to ship with the idea of releasing him from spores clutch by angering him.



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