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GOODNESS-as defined by the Random House Dictionary: excellence of quality; goodness of workmanship; the best of anything; essence; strength. To be forthright, it's only been in recent years that this obsession of "MOTO" has truly manifest, but the love is genuine. Motorbikes, Aeroplanes, Automobiles and all that is designed, built and driven to perform is appreciated.

Star Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK (The Original Series) was the beginning of a life-long, love of Science Fiction and Science Fact and all other things of a Fantastic Nature. Whether it was Comic Books, Live-Action Television, Motion Pictures or Animated Cartoons, the media did not matter, as long as it was a means to transverse space and time ... or alter reality.

Hammer of the Gods

THE HAMMER OF THE GODS A metaphor for music, how it can forge, shape and mold our lives. A means to transport and transform. I'm not a musical scholar or theorist. Simply, someone who has played and listened to quite a bit of music.  Just a bloke who knows what he likes and dislikes. Also, I'm a bass player, so expect a lot of attention paid to the bottom end!

Say Goodbye to America

Two weeks ago, said goodbye to this Triumph America. She was a loaner, as in, how one of my best friends said "Look, I have this motorcycle just sitting, why don't you just take it while you sort out your bike." This was a very generous offer, she herself,  had probably only put 10 miles on the bike since she purchased it. The only stipulation, that I sell it upon the arrival of spring/summer, you know the "riding season".  I took her up on the offer. Although it was never my bike, or a bike that I would have purchased on my own. And from time to time, I may had uttered some less than flattering words about it, I truly appreciated the time I had with her.

This was during the period, when I had two bolts on my drive shaft snap, which resulted in a cracked transmission cover. Which in turn, meant an extensive shim job and adjusting of the transmission. Although I was already borrowing another bike (that story comes next week), my co-inhabitant of the monkey house (translate to: co-worker in the art room at the "day job") and super-duper swell pal, Jennie Z, gave me custody of her motorbike. Although the whole process was a bit more time consuming than I had realized at the time, she never once complained. She was glad the bike was being ridden, " I'm happy somebody is getting some use out of it" she told me. Months passed and along came summer, hence the time for me to relinquish reins on the bike.


Mckee's Sky Ranch ~ Wings & Wheels

Poster and T-shirt design for event coming up next week in West VA


Star Trek: Voyager

The USS Voyager (NCC-74656) was an Intrepid-class Federation starship launched in 2371 under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Captain Janeway was much like a soccer outer space. She probably made sure Neelix, the ship's chef, kept plenty of Sunny D stocked in the mess hall. The Chrysler Voyager was a minivan favored by many soccer moms in the early 21st century.

Tuvok served as security and second officer on the USS Voyager. He was a Vulcan. He sometimes had difficulty relating to humans, this led to him leaving Starfleet at one point and returning to Vulcan, where he taught archery science at the Vulcan Institute for Defense Arts. During this time on Vulcan, he also went in quasi-monastic seclusion, immersing himself in the Kolinahr for several years. Tuvok decided to return to Starfleet after a 50 year absence. Black Vulcan was a member of the Super Friends; he could fly, hurl lightning bolts and emit energy from his finger tips. His costume resembles that of a 13 year old female gymnast.


Drag Strip Sunday

We took a little ride out to Surrey Co. VA, to check out the dirt drag races at Slades Park. Didn't really have much information on the races before heading out. I had seen a sign on the side of the ride coming back from Richmond last month and I heard people mention it in conversation. So with what little details,  I could find online, what time and where, I asked a few friends if they wanted to ride out there to see what it was all about.

Answering the call were, Jenn, Joe and Danny. We met up and hit the road about noon-ish, pretty straight forward ride out to Slades Park, one turn off of Route 10 , across from the nuclear power plant. Upon entering the park we were clueless  to the  protocol, took us a couple of minutes to figure you can pretty much park anywhere, nothing is designated. What we found out there, is about 12 miles of dirt trails surrounding a dirt drag strip. Lined up on either side of the strip are trucks, campers, tents, motorcycles, ATV's and spectators. The general vibe was that of a big tailgate party, plenty of grilling, some drinking and folks just chilling. You immediately sense the feeling of a tight community of drag strip enthusiast.



Cro Customs: BS-1 "Sporty Tracker"

Simply brilliant customization of a 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster by Cro Customs.

First saw this bike on the innerwebs a couple of years ago, but I have racers on my mind and thought of this beautiful machine.



Kit & Kaboodle

Mike Watt" "Go Out & Start Your Own Band!"

Sometime in 1983, as I was perusing through the somewhat limited" Punk/New Wave" section of the Record Bar in Tower Mall ( that's ol 'school P'Town). I came across an album called "The Blasting Concept: An SST Compilation". This record changed the way I looked at punk rock and music in general at the time.There was only one band featured that I was already familar with and that was Black Flag. I recognized other names from fanzines and such, but had never heard the music. While I absolutely loved every single 27 minutes of this record, it the the first 4 minutes that blew the grey matter out the tiny holes in my skull. Those first 4 songs, the first 4 minutes or so belonged to the Minutemen.

Minutemen, D. Boon, George Hurly and Mike Watt, three dudes from San Pedro, CA with an attitude, a true punk attitude of DIY , "jamming econo"and making a truly original sound within the confines of rock and roll. Unfortunately the Minutemen ended when D.Boon was killed in a van accident on December 22,1985.Easily, I could go on all day about the Minutemen, but for now I will focus on Watt....Mike Watt, the bass player.


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