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GOODNESS-as defined by the Random House Dictionary: excellence of quality; goodness of workmanship; the best of anything; essence; strength. To be forthright, it's only been in recent years that this obsession of "MOTO" has truly manifest, but the love is genuine. Motorbikes, Aeroplanes, Automobiles and all that is designed, built and driven to perform is appreciated.

Star Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK (The Original Series) was the beginning of a life-long, love of Science Fiction and Science Fact and all other things of a Fantastic Nature. Whether it was Comic Books, Live-Action Television, Motion Pictures or Animated Cartoons, the media did not matter, as long as it was a means to transverse space and time ... or alter reality.

Hammer of the Gods

THE HAMMER OF THE GODS A metaphor for music, how it can forge, shape and mold our lives. A means to transport and transform. I'm not a musical scholar or theorist. Simply, someone who has played and listened to quite a bit of music.  Just a bloke who knows what he likes and dislikes. Also, I'm a bass player, so expect a lot of attention paid to the bottom end!

Velocity Motorcycles 13th Anniversary T-Shirts

Using the art I did for the Velocity Motorcycles Block Party, I also did these t-shirts. Men styles come in Black and Indigo, sizes Medium through XX Large. The womens style shirts are offered in Black and Plum, sizes Medium through X Large. So stop by the shop and say "howdy" to Eric, Bryan, the David's and the rest of the crew and grab yourself a neato t-shirt! 


Into The Pandemonium

I thought about calling this article, "Pandemonium In Timonium", but thought it sounded too much like a wrestling event. So I went the title of one my fave metal albums of the 80's, Celtic Frosts' "Into the Pandemonium". Well some could argue that wrestling and metal are very similar, they're both can be loud, obnoxious, violent ( or "pretend" violence ) and over produced spectacles. But that could be a whole different story there. I just wanted to post some pics of a bad ass HD Panhead I spotted at the  Lowside Swap Meet /Timonium Bike Show back in February.


Marta: The Original Orion Slave Girl

Yvonne Craig as "Marta", the knife wielding, delusional, spurned lover of the usually libido-driven, Capt. James T. Kirk.

It seems that Marta (Yvonne Craig) is often thought of as the "other" Orion slave girl, when in fact, she is the original Orion female of Star Trek lore. When most trekkies think of the Orion women, they conjure up images of "Vina" (Susan Oliver), from the two-part episode "The Menagerie" from season 1 of Star Trek TOS, or the still that graced the closing credits sequence. Truth be told, Vina was a human appearing as an Orion slave girl through the use of the Talosian's mental abilities to create rather realistic illusions. So it is Marta, who appears in the episode "Whom God's Destroy" TOS 3x16, that is the "original" Orion slave girl to make an appearance in the Star Trek canon.

Favorite Marta quote: "Why can't I blow off just one of his ears!"

Batgirl (Yvonne Craig), on her "highly-adorned" Bat-Cycle


Jet Age Cool: Buick LeSabre Concept Car

1951 Buick LeSabre Concept Car

Clearly showing aircraft influence in styling and engineering, the Buick LeSabre was constructed of aluminum and lightweight cast magnesium. Billed as a rolling engineering laboratory, the LeSabre had 12-volt electrics (most cars then were 6-volts), a torque converter automatic transmission with an oil cooler, fuel injection, a strong, chrome-molydenum frame, built-in hydraulic jacks, a rain-activated folding top, a jet-like air intake and prominent tail fins. The LeSabre served as an icon for GM's cars for the remainder of the decade.

North American F-86 Sabre


Henderson Streamline: Excelsior!!

Another handsome machine seen at Velocity Vintage Block Party. When this jewel came rolling down the boulevard, every head turned and the pearly gates were opened to welcome this beauty into the prime spot in the cool kids parking area.


Thunderball BSA Lightning

1965 BSA A65 Lightning equipped with missile launchers ridden by SPECTRE agent, Fiona Volpe

This fully-faired BSA Lightning was actually ridden by UK motorcycle champion, Billy Ivy during the filming of the James Bond classic, "Thunderball". Fiona Volpe was portrayed by Italian actress, Lucianna Paluzzi.



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