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GOODNESS-as defined by the Random House Dictionary: excellence of quality; goodness of workmanship; the best of anything; essence; strength. To be forthright, it's only been in recent years that this obsession of "MOTO" has truly manifest, but the love is genuine. Motorbikes, Aeroplanes, Automobiles and all that is designed, built and driven to perform is appreciated.

Star Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK (The Original Series) was the beginning of a life-long, love of Science Fiction and Science Fact and all other things of a Fantastic Nature. Whether it was Comic Books, Live-Action Television, Motion Pictures or Animated Cartoons, the media did not matter, as long as it was a means to transverse space and time ... or alter reality.

Hammer of the Gods

THE HAMMER OF THE GODS A metaphor for music, how it can forge, shape and mold our lives. A means to transport and transform. I'm not a musical scholar or theorist. Simply, someone who has played and listened to quite a bit of music.  Just a bloke who knows what he likes and dislikes. Also, I'm a bass player, so expect a lot of attention paid to the bottom end!

Taco Bender: 1981 Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

I have always thought that Honda CX500 was a good donor for a custom build. Here is a bike that is on ebay right now that displays what can be done with a little imagination and some skilled hands.


RVA: Velocity Vintage Motorcycles Block Party

Took a little ride up to Richmond, VA for the Velocity Motorcycles Block Party this past weekend. I was accompanied by my friend, Joe (whom I affectionately refer to as "Sleepy J"). This was his first +100 mile ride and he rocked it! Cheers, Sleepy! Although it was well into the 90's temperature wise, it was a good day for a ride. You only feel the heat, when you stop right? Anyway, the ride was mostly smooth, the only mishap was being stuck behind this pick-em-up truck hauling a rickety-ass trailer along Route 10 outside of Surrey County.


Interesting Airheads: Moto Sumisura

Frank "J.M." Racer

Information is a bit sparse on this Italian motorbike builder's site, but he does rather sharp "moto art" with some BMW's


Velocity Block Party

A poster I designed for a little shindig happening in Richmond, VA this Saturday, June 9th.

Velocity Vintage Motorcycles

Doomsday Machine: TOS 2x06

Kirk: "Matt, where's your crew?"
Decker: "On the third planet."
Kirk: "There is no third planet."
Decker: "Don't you think I know that? There was, but not anymore!"

Without a doubt, for me, it is William Windom's performance as "Commodore Matthew Decker that makes this a stand out episode. Although, the actor himself felt he acted as though playing in a cartoon. It's his manic, hell-bent thirst for revenge, fueled by a the overwhelming guilt of the lost of his crew under his command, that gives this episode such intensity!


Cafe Twin

This Hinckley Triumph Bonneville was all over the moto quadrant of cyberspace a couple of weeks ago. It was featured in a beautiful short video, entitled "Milogna" produced by the builders of the bike, "Cafe Twin".


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