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GOODNESS-as defined by the Random House Dictionary: excellence of quality; goodness of workmanship; the best of anything; essence; strength. To be forthright, it's only been in recent years that this obsession of "MOTO" has truly manifest, but the love is genuine. Motorbikes, Aeroplanes, Automobiles and all that is designed, built and driven to perform is appreciated.

Star Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK (The Original Series) was the beginning of a life-long, love of Science Fiction and Science Fact and all other things of a Fantastic Nature. Whether it was Comic Books, Live-Action Television, Motion Pictures or Animated Cartoons, the media did not matter, as long as it was a means to transverse space and time ... or alter reality.

Hammer of the Gods

THE HAMMER OF THE GODS A metaphor for music, how it can forge, shape and mold our lives. A means to transport and transform. I'm not a musical scholar or theorist. Simply, someone who has played and listened to quite a bit of music.  Just a bloke who knows what he likes and dislikes. Also, I'm a bass player, so expect a lot of attention paid to the bottom end!


Ol' Saint Nikolaos is full-on rockin' it with the coolest Kawasaki KLR 650 I've ever laid eyes upon, rather that be first hand, interwebbings or print. 7 Seven Customs out of the Pokljuka region of Slovenia spread a bit of holiday cheer with this festive photo shoot featuring their latest build.

Let's face it, flying reindeer are pretty cool, but to bring it down to Earth, this KLR is pure radness!



The best looking Triumph Thruxton ...... Ever! There is not one single thing about this bike that I do not absolutely love. A beautiful marriage of form and function. Many kudos to the folks over at Benjie's Cafe Racer.

I probably should be wearing a bib right now...because I'm drooling over this motorbike. To get all the details, check out the Benjie's Cafe Racer blog.


Happy Birthday, Mike Watt!! Have a Hoot!!

Okay, technically, tomorrow is Mr. Watt's birthday. But today is Thunderous Thursday, and the master of the "Thud Staff" gets a big ol' shout out and happy birthday wishes from Flying Monkey Moto Gear!!

Captain of his Destiny, Mike Watt was given props one of the first full blown, Thunderous Thursday features I ever did. You can find that here



I've wanted a full-face for a while now, but I had been looking for something "old school". A few months ago, I drove past a yard sale and saw an old Bell Moto III helmet for sale, I was in a rush, but decided to stop and if I could a least get the helmet over my noggin, I would buy it. It did, so I bought it, with only a quick scan over.  I later gave the helmet a closer look, the liner was in pretty good condition, the visor was missing, but the previous owner told me he had it, just had to dig it out, if I wanted to come back and get it. Anyway, I tried the helmet on again, and realized it was much to0 big, even my oblong melon. Cut to the chase, Biltwell Inc. introduced the Gringo Full Face Helmet earlier this year and it was exactly what I was looking for, a no frills, retro-styled, full face helmet, with DOT approval.

When the helmet arrived via a purchase from Lowbrow Customs, the first thing that popped into my head as I removed it from the box was, blank canvas. And before I even wore the helmet while riding, I decided to to personalize it with a custom paint job. I had been wanting to try gold leafing or using gold leaf as a decorative application, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow and I had recently completed some design work for a team of navy divers and had been researching dive helmets AND also recently watched the Walt Disney adaptation of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.



Here's a rockin' number from Vienna, VA based, Motorhangar. Like the majority of their custom projects, it's based on a Honda. This one in particular, a 1976 CB750, with a bit Kawasaki thrown in, courtesy of the KZ tail piece on the seat.

Pretty raw and bare knuckled, a simple but sharp and attractive, no frills motobike. The closest thing to some "bling" is the amber back-lit, Lucite points cover.


Paz Lenchantin: A Perfect Circle, Zwan and now, The Pixies

A thunderous Happy Birthday wish to Paz Lenchantin! The mult-talented (bass, vocal, piano, violin and other stringed instruments), celebrates a life enriched with music. Her skills first caught my ear and eye as the original bassist for A Perfect Circle. Upon first hearing the APC song "Judith", I was wondering why Maynard Keenan took on a side project that sounded so much like his main gig, TOOL's earlier material, but after hearing the rest of the album "Mer der Noms", I realized it had a character of it's own. But back to the first single, "Judith", it was the video for this song that made me give them more attention. Okay, not trying to come off as sexist, but you can't help but notice, it 's a woman pounding the thick bass riff on the song, it's what she does during the break in the song when she's not playing, during a very brief break, she whips her hair up, and ties it in a small bun atop her head, then comes back in with full-on rock fury!! One of the coolest "rock moves" I've ever seen!!

After much touring and recording with APC , she went on to join Billy Corgan's post (first break up) Smashing Pumpkins project, Zwan. This was a hefty position, anchoring the bottom end, with bombastic drummer, Jimmy Chamberlain (also Smashing Pumpkins alumnist), and adding supporting vocals and finding a place amongst 3 guitars! She really shined in this band, with her breathy vocals and incredibly tasteful and melodic basslines, that somehow cut through the triple guitar assault and defined many of the songs on the band's only album "Mary, Star of the Sea". I really dig this record, and felt it was overshadowed by Corgan's past with Smashing Pumpkins and never really had a chance of stepping into the light of it's own, which it truly deserved.


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