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GOODNESS-as defined by the Random House Dictionary: excellence of quality; goodness of workmanship; the best of anything; essence; strength. To be forthright, it's only been in recent years that this obsession of "MOTO" has truly manifest, but the love is genuine. Motorbikes, Aeroplanes, Automobiles and all that is designed, built and driven to perform is appreciated.

Star Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK (The Original Series) was the beginning of a life-long, love of Science Fiction and Science Fact and all other things of a Fantastic Nature. Whether it was Comic Books, Live-Action Television, Motion Pictures or Animated Cartoons, the media did not matter, as long as it was a means to transverse space and time ... or alter reality.

Hammer of the Gods

THE HAMMER OF THE GODS A metaphor for music, how it can forge, shape and mold our lives. A means to transport and transform. I'm not a musical scholar or theorist. Simply, someone who has played and listened to quite a bit of music.  Just a bloke who knows what he likes and dislikes. Also, I'm a bass player, so expect a lot of attention paid to the bottom end!

Jerry Only: The Misfits

It's "Thunderous Thursday" and Halloween, how could I not feature Jerry Only of the Misfits! Let's face it, the Misfits are probably more known as a iconic brand more so than as a actual kick-ass band. Which is a damned shame, because the Misfits wrote some of the catchiest and solid songs of early American Punk Rock and Hardcore! During their heyday, they pretty much wrote the book for "Horror Punk" and eventually burned the pages and moved on.

There are two Misfits albums that always make it to my Halloween playlist, the classic "Walk Among Us" and their shift to a more hardcore/brutal sound, "Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood" Although "Walk Among Us" was the first full length album issued by the band, it was the third they recorded. The sound of this record is pure rock and roll, 50-60's style vocal melodies over a raw punk rock instrumentation. All smothered with horror and sci-fi inspired lyrics and the make-up and "devil-lock" hairstyle (originated by Jerry O!), sort of made them the punk rock equivalent to KISS! The Misfits were not out to change the world, but to entertain the audience.


Cylinder Hone & Piston Rings

For the past few weeks, since I've had the Baroness back on the road, I've been spewing  smoke and burnt oil, all over the streets of Tidewater, VA. The cause, worn piston rings, and yes I know, I should have checked them BEFORE I put the engine back together, but I didn't. So I had to remove the left cylinder.

I've gotten pretty quick at doing this, but my neighbors kids kept coming over to "watch" me, and that just turned into me being distracted by those darn kids meddling about my tools and such. So I took a break, until they had to go inside for dinner. Well this left me working in the dark, but luckily I have decent lighting off my back porch. Job completed, and no more smoke trails.


Jason's Honda CB 400F-For Sale

My buddy Jason is ready to move on to something else, so here is your chance to snag up a great deal on nice bike! Here are the details from his Craigslist posting--1975 Honda CB 400F - $1,900. Runs well and I have the title. I've owned the bike for about 3 years. Included are the original owner's manual and a Clymer repair manual. I also have the stock lollipop lights, chain guard, and probably some other misc bits.


Here are some of the things I've done to the bike:

  • Battery
  • Tires (about a year old now)
  • Regulator/rectifier
  • Head cover gasket
  • Fork seals
  • Indicator lights
  • Tank lining
  • Front brake pads
  • Carb clean and Sync
  • Chain



Tidewater Regional Fire Academy #142

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy, Will Sprague, asked if I could do a t-shirt design for his class, Tidewater Regional Fire Academy#142. I was more than happy to help a brother out. On Friday, October 25, Will and his classmates graduated from the Academy and joined the ranks of Norfolk Fire Rescue as professional firefighters. Congratulations, Will!!

I had the pleasure of rockin' alongside Mr. Sprague in the former rock and roll juggernaut, known as Crimson Electric!



The White, The Black, The Kestrel

Ian Barry of Falcon Motorcycles, along with Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering and the gentlemen of Valtoron Foundry, are inspiring. Well, to call them bike builders is truly a disservice. The approach that is taken in this level of craftsmanship is pure art. Barry's work was showcased in an exhibit at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles.

The following is from the press release for the exhibition: The Michael Kohn Gallery is pleased to present ‘The White, The Black, The Kestrel’, an exhibition of original motorcycles and other new work by Ian Barry. The White emerges from Barry’s continued exploration of symbolism, power and speed, using motorcycles as the translating mechanism. The Kestrel and The Black, two of Barry’s earlier works from The Falcon Series will be displayed along side new pieces.


BMW NINE T: Burn Rubber, Not Your Soul

I've not been shy about expressing my admiration and attraction to the BMW boxer engine motorbike design, and I've been eagerly awaiting to see this one make it's debut. In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of BMW Motorrad, they have introduced a naked boxer roadster to their production line up. And personally, I think they knocked it out of the park, a modern machine, with honest homage to the classics boxer and a mechanical platform just itching to be customized!

It's quite clear that higher-ups at BMW have been keeping an eye on the motorcycle customizing scene. This was evident in their collaboration with Roland Sands on the the Concept 90 project and in following that theme, they now are offering a vessel to the public, not only to cruise upon, but to be shaped and formed in the hands and or minds of the owner. Oh, BMW Nine T, I covet thee!


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